My passion is your pictures

Andy has always had the desire to create beautiful images such as those often seen in media and print. A love and respect of photography was sure to follow. Love for the sight of a truly magnificent photograph and respect for the knowledge, understanding and vision that it takes to create it.

Trial and success

With the purchase of his first real camera came a lot of learning, but at the same time it became clear that a talent was developing. Seeking critique over praise Andy worked to learn and improve. Setting up a home studio naturally followed, allowing him to progress into flash photography.

Where you come in

Like the others that prompted the creation of Beetz Visuals, you’re likely here because you’ve seen Andy’s images through a tag, link, share or maybe even one of his prints through a friend or relative.


My aim is to provide to you a moment, captured for your enjoyment and paraded for your audience.



We are an exclusive photographic house primarily focused on portraiture, based in Telford, Shropshire and aiming to provide not just quality images but also a high quality of service.